Schuler’s Restaurant Announces Temporary Monday Closures Through Labor Day

(MARSHALL, Mich) — Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub in downtown historic Marshall has decided to temporarily close on Mondays throughout the summer due to staffing concerns, with re-opening seven days a week starting Monday, September 13.

“Our team was able to work through the challenges that were thrown at us during the pandemic but having enough staff – both front and heart of house – remains an issue,” says Sue Damron, President & CEO. “We are actively recruiting new employees but also recognize that those who have been with us throughout this global crisis have been working above and beyond, so we want to give them a bit of time to breath, relax and recharge.”

Staffing within the restaurant industry continues to be a struggle not only around Michigan, but across the country, due to unemployment extensions, daycare issues and general concerns for one’s personal safety during the pandemic. With higher vaccination levels, reduced transmission rates and lifting of statewide mandates, things are moving forward in many ways – yet, when it comes to finding people to fill jobs there still is a lag throughout the entire hospitality sector.

It is expected that by fall, things may begin to improve as people return to the workforce – especially at an established business such as Schuler’s, with 112 years of experience behind them. Founded in 1909, it is one of Michigan’s longest running and most iconic restaurants.

“We are fortunate that many members of our staff have been with us for years,” says Damron. “We even have a few people with us whose parents or even grandparents were part of the Schuler team at one point. We remain dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience not only for our guests but for our staff.”

Over the past 15 months, the staff at Schuler’s has navigated the changes in state regulations and intermittent closures by offering take out, take ‘n bake and delivery meals. “We have been blessed to be busy,” Damron says. “Our business remains financially strong thanks to the dedication of our entire team, our customers and our community.”

Damron says they’ve also taken steps to revamp the existing building to provide a more welcoming environment for both existing and new guests.

“In May 2020, we renovated much of Winston’s Pub, ultimately creating a more open space between Winston’s Pub and our Centennial Dining Room,” says Damron “Taking on this challenge during regular operations would have been disruptive to our staff and guests, so while we were on state-mandated closure, we took on this significant project and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Work within the historic Schuler’s building remains ongoing as spaces on the second and third floors – with a designated entrance and elevator – are being reconfigured to create seven apartments which will provide much-needed residential options within downtown Marshall.

“In our early days, Schuler’s was also a hotel, so converting what had become office and storage spaces back into living quarters is a nod to our history,” says Damron. “It also reinforces our commitment to our community in making it a viable place to live, work and play.”

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming part of the Schuler’s team, please visit our website –

Founded in 1909, Schuler’s is noted as one of Michigan’s most iconic restaurants. With more than a century of successful years in the industry, Schuler’s remains a hospitality leader not only in Michigan, but throughout the country. A more detailed history of Schuler’s can be found online at

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  1. Sue, well written announcement. I thank you for your dedication to keeping Schuler’s up and running. And I agree that as long as the government keeps handing out money, a lot of people are willing to accept it and not work. I admire your courage in moving forward with your construction of apartments above your restaurant. Good luck.