Centennial Room
From the pens of celebrated men, inscribed on the beams of “The Centennial Room” in Schuler’s Restaurant.

Great food and hospitality our way of making history.

For more than a century, the Schuler family has been welcoming guests to our restaurant in Marshall, Michigan. Those guests have come to expect “something special,” and, as a New York Times article once pointed out, eating at our restaurant has become a multi-generational affair, with long-time customers, their children and grandchildren making return visits…and going away happy.
Nothing could please us more. Whether it’s the couple celebrating an anniversary in the Centennial Room, the regular local townspeople who are fixtures in the Pub, the busload of visitors on a tour of Michigan, or friends throughout the Midwest supporting the restaurant, Schuler’s has always maintained its record of excellent food, service and hospitality.
It’s been said that the greatest challenge for a restaurant today is to change with the times. There is a reason why so many long-time dining establishments have gone by the wayside over time. Any successful restaurant has had to develop long-range plans addressing changing eating habits and lifestyles. The extraordinary thing is that we have been doing that for a long, long time. You’ll find a different culture and mindset here, compared to most restaurants. In an age of “cookie-cutter” chains and impersonal eateries, Schuler’s understands that the bottom line continues to be you, our guests.
Being true to what you do best is one part of providing a superior dining experience. Always looking to improve the menu and the décor is another. In this regard, the greatest competition we have is ourselves. Our goal is to always provide something new, something fresh, whether it is bread from our bakeshop, new menu items or new ambiance.
Schuler’s is, indeed, a unique place—both a destination and a gathering place. Feel free to learn more about our history, our staff and certainly explore our latest menus and specials. We look forward to welcoming you to our home during your next visit!