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    • Dining Room Hours

      Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am - 8:30pm

      Friday-Saturday: 11:30am - 9:00pm

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      Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am - 8:30pm

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    115 S. Eagle Street
    Marshall, MI 49068

  • Dining Room Hours

    Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am - 8:30pm

    Friday-Saturday: 11:30am - 9:00pm

  • Winston's Pub Hours

    Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am - 8:30pm

    Friday-Saturday: 11:30am - 9:00pm

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Schuler's Restaurant & Pub

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Schuler’s Continues Restoration of Classic Restaurant & Pub

February 19, 2016

When you operate a 107-year-old establishment, there are times when renovations, facelifts and advances in technology and equipment become necessary. Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub in downtown Marshall, Michigan is in the midst of its latest series of projects aimed to enhance their customer experience.

As guests enter the main lobby of Schuler’s, they’ll soon be greeted by a newly configured reception area and retail space, in an area connecting the main dining room and Winston’s Pub on the left and meeting spaces to the right. These upgrades will provide a more relaxing space for guests to sit and visit before or after their meal. New carpet, light fixtures and furniture, as well as equipment upgrades like phones and computer systems, are expected to round out this renovation project.

In Winston’s Pub, new ovens and fryers have been installed which will allow the culinary team—under the direction of Executive Chef John Stovall and Executive Sous Chef Tim Gibbs—to create new menu items for this casual dining area. Guests will see other changes to the menu throughout the coming months, as fresh new items are added to complement the classic dishes that Schuler’s is noted for.

The Centennial Room, the restaurant’s largest dining space with seating for up to 190 people, is seeing increased use. Due to such demand, a new service bar has been added.

Renovations began last year with the Heritage Rooms—comprised of three individual spaces (East, Center and West) which can be opened up into a larger 70-foot x 27-foot room. Here, new wallcoverings, paint and décor provide an elegant atmosphere. New carpet will be installed in these rooms in 2016, and currently the management team is researching state-of-the-art technology options so as to provide the best services for future meetings, groups and special events.

“There’s a unique challenge when you have a historic property,” says third-generation owner Hans Schuler. “You want to maintain the integrity of the restaurant—which generations have come to expect, while at the same time advancing with the times to attract future customers. I’m proud of how our team has worked over the recent years to move our brand forward, without losing touch with our past.”

For a detailed timeline of Schuler’s history, click here.

The iconic Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub epitomizes hospitality excellence as a family-owned and -operated business. Located at the crossroads of southern Michigan, Schuler’s is recognized as world-class destination, focused on offering guests quality food and excellent service, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Significant Renovation Dates in Schuler’s History

1909 — Albert Schuler, Sr. opens a combination cigar store and restaurant in Marshall.

1924 — Albert purchased the Royal Hotel and Restaurant in Marshall and names it “The Schuler”.

1940 — Win Schuler (Albert Sr.’s son) expands Schuler’s Restaurant by adding the Frontier Room and converts the adjacent building into a bowling alley.

1947 — Bowling alley is converted into a dining room, the present Centennial Room.

1948 — Honoring his love of history and Charles Dickens, Win renovates the north side of restaurant to be the Dickens Room.

1971 — Schuler’s Restaurant refurbished to conform to the turn-of-the-century look of Historic Marshall, and the original hotel rooms upstairs are closed.

1977 — Schuler’s Restaurant is proclaimed a Michigan Historic Landmark Site.

1979 — Dickens Room remodeled to be The Inner Circle and a new room, The Courtyard, is added.

1988 — Signature Room dining area with large corner fireplace is unveiled.

1993 — New bakery constructed in kitchen so all breads, crackers, rolls, desserts are handcrafted for the restaurant and bakery items are offered for sale in the lobby.

1998 — Restaurant refurbished- Winston’s Pub expanded and Lodge Room introduced.

1999 — Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub recognized as a Michigan Centennial Business.

2006 — The lobby and restrooms were renovated.

2008 — An outdoor patio area was added to the front of the building, when a bump out of the sidewalk created more space.

2010 — The Centennial Room was outfitted with new carpet.

2011 — The main restaurant kitchen was updated.

2012 — The Signature Room patio was totally reconstructed.

2013 — Winston’s Pub was complete refurbished.

2013-2014 — The Signature Room was updated with new lighting, ceiling and wallpaper.

2014 — The Old Lodge Room was renovated and re-opened as the Grille, based on increased demand in Winston’s Pub.

2015 — A new bakery oven was installed in the kitchen, to accommodate increased output of baked goods both in the restaurant and in the retail space.

2015 — A pergola and grill station were added to the front patio area.

2015 — A new service bar was added in the Grille to handle increased occupancy in the Centennial Room.

2015 — Renovations began on The Heritage Rooms, with new paint, wallcoverings and décor. New carpet will be installed and state-of-the-art technology will be incorporated.

2016 — The Lobby begins a new layout design, complete with a reception desk, retail space and comfortable seating area for guests. New carpet, light fixtures and furniture, as well as equipment upgrades like phones and computer systems, round out this renovation project.

2016 — New equipment is added to the kitchen in Winston’s Pub, to allow for an ever-changing menu.