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  • Dining Room Hours

    Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am - 8:30pm

    Friday-Saturday: 11:30am - 9:00pm

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    Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am - 8:30pm

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Schuler's Restaurant & Pub

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Mail 4 Rosey Visits Schuler’s

July 17, 2014

We had a visit from an area blogger recently.  Check out her page and see what she had to say about Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub!



Schuler’s Restaurant: A Gem of a Find in Marshall, Michigan

 Disclosure: We received a gift certificate to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Schuler’s Restaurant Welcoming Guests Since 1909!

This summer, instead of taking to the skies for our vacation time, we’ve decided to stick close to home and discover what’s around us. Last weekend we took a drive to Marshall (Michigan). It’s not all that far from us, and what a gem of a find we found there in the name of Schuler’s restaurant! First and foremost, it has been open and serving patrons since 1909. You know when an establishment has been popular for over an entire century, that it’s got to be worth trying.
Fun fact: after trying the restaurant, and raving about how wonderful it was to my in-laws, my Mother-in-Law told me it was where her and her husband of 53 years went on their prom date, many moons ago when they were still in high school.

The entrance area is full of charm! No idea who is hiding under that pillow. ;)

The restaurant itself is not short on charm. When you walk in there is a cozy seating area that leads to the attached tavern in one direction, and to the restaurant in the other. In the picture above, you can see one small section of a very sizable entry way that has even more seating options.

The many items for sale in the entryway take on a whole new level of interest once you’ve sampled the declicious items from the menu.

There are also items like home-baked goods (including cookies, yum!), jam, coffee, and Schuler’s memorabilia for sale in the seating area. These items take on a whole new level of interest once you’ve tasted how delicious the selections are on the menu.

There are a good number of photographs along the many walls inside of the restaurant that showcase a sense of pride in its history. I thought the pictures lent such a wonderful touch to an already cozy environment.

I love the sayings all along the tops of the walls, and the large pictures on display in the main dining area.

When I say cozy, however, I do not mean small. Schuler’s has several big dining areas, and within the dining areas there are also some private nooks, if you’re looking for privacy.

This large room would be great for hosting special events! You can see the fireplace in the corner, and there is outdoor seating too, visible through the glass. Other rooms are available (as is catering), and one is equipped with dry erase boards, making it perfect for a business lunch or dinner.

If you are looking to host a banquet or a special event, there are also quite a few rooms where you can dine, including the large space pictured above. I loved this room because it has a working fireplace (wonderful for those cold winters to which Michigan is no stranger). In that particular picture, you can also catch a glimpse of one of the outdoor seating sections we came across when we were looking around.
The ambiance everywhere you turn is very welcoming. Of course, what really matters in a restaurant is the service and the food, and in those areas Schuler’s did not disappoint.
Our server was most excellent at her job, from the beginning of the meal until it was time to leave. She made us feel most welcome, including our little one who is a little shy with people he doesn’t know. And the establishment is very large, so you don’t feel rushed to finish your meal. You can sit back and enjoy, like you’re supposed to be able to do when you’re out and about.

Schuler’s famous Barbeque Meatballs. My husband liked these so much he took what was left home and had them the next day (a rarity for him).

My husband is a huge fan of meatballs, so he ordered the famous Schuler’s Barbeque Meatballs to get dinner started (and liked them so much he took what was left home).

Being the salad lover that I am, I was happy that their salad was so busy, busy meaning packed full of some of my most favorite veggies.

The dinner menu is chock full of so many choices, that it was hard to decide what to order. I started off with a salad, and the salad was delightfully busy (full of my favorite veggies). The greens were crisp too, which is very important to me since I usually go sans dressing.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli House-made basil sauce with roasted vegetables and Parmesan

For my main meal I ordered the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli: House-made tomato basil sauce with roasted vegetables and Parmesan. It was very generously proportioned, which is dangerous when it’s so, so good. And for me, it was so, so good!

London Broil Flank marinated in soy, ginger, and apple juice, button mushrooms

My husband went back and forth between the menu choices of Filet of Black Angus Beef Tenderloin, and the London Broil. He opted for the latter, and was extremely pleased with his choice (but we’ll be going back again so he can try the former too). He said the meat was succulent. Marinated in soy, ginger, and apple juice, and served with button mushrooms, he also said it was full of flavor and delicious. Though his portion was also very generously sized, there was not a bit of it left come time to end the meal.

He was loving that milkshake!

Little man opted for a children’s meal selection, and he ate all of the chicken that came with it (which meant it was good). His favorite parts, however, were the milkshake (complete with a cherry)…

But I think he loved the build-your-own ice cream that came with the children’s meal even more. ;)

and the build-your-own ice cream that came with the children’s meal. ;) Mr. “I only like plain vanilla with nothing on it” even branched out to try a few of the M&Ms and Gummy Bears on his treat (though he wasn’t brave enough to try the chocolate sauce).

The Signature Pecan Ball is vanilla bean ice cream rolled in roasted sweet pecans and served with hot fudge.

The rest of us opted for the Signature Pecan Ball, which is vanilla bean ice cream rolled in Schuler’s roasted sweet pecans and served with hot fudge.  We’re not usually big on desserts, but we wanted to try the full menu for the review, and really we only intended to have a spoonful or two…and do you know we ended up eating the whole thing?? And we made pretty short time of it too. It was really, really good!! And a perfect way to end the meal.
We’ll be returning to Schuler’s, and I for one can’t wait. What a gem of a find in our very own area to come across!! Oh yes it is going to be a fun summer of exploring new places that are close by (within comfortable driving distance) this summer.

Schuler’s is located at
115 S. Eagle St.
Marshall, MI 49068
Restaurant Hours
Sun. – Thurs. 11 am – 9 pm
Friday & Saturday 11 am – 10 pm

You can learn more about Schuler’s by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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