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  • Dining Room Hours

    Open Daily: 11am - 9pm
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    Fri to Sat: 11am - 10pm
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The Grille at Winston’s Pub

March 21, 2014

Reinvention is nothing new to the Schuler’s and their family of employees. They’ve been doing it for generations. And now they’ve done it – once again.

“The key to success in anything you do is the ability to adapt while remaining true to your purpose,” states CEO of Schuler’s Restaurant and Pub, Hans Schuler.

Schuler’s Restaurant and Pub is proud to announce the opening of “The Grille” at Winston’s Pub. The space, once known as the “The Lodge” has recently undergone extensive floor-to-ceiling renovations to satisfy the popular Pub’s growing need for space. This renovation marks the latest customer-focused development for the successful operation, founded in 1909.

“The Pub has been doing remarkably well over the past several years. It’s always bustling with guests and we knew it was time to expand,” said Sue Damron, President and Managing Partner. “Today’s busy lifestyles have shifted meal time outside of the home, increasing demand for places like The Grille. From families short on time, to young professionals looking for a wonderful meal in a less formal environment – we are confident this renovation will provide our guests with an exceptional dining experience,” Damron continued.

The relaxed, yet classically elegant dining area nearly doubles the capacity of the original Pub space accommodating approximately 70 additional guests. Guests will immediately notice a more open and expansive feel as they walk through the Pub. The doors that once separated the Pub and Grille have been removed uniting the two spaces. The impressive stone fireplace thoughtfully preserved during the transformation, continues to delight guests with its warm, comfortable ambiance. High-backed leather booths align the exterior of the room for those looking for an intimate experience. Wooden tables, highlighted by chandelier lighting, balance the center of the space creating comfortable gathering spaces for friends and family.

In addition to the physical transformation, Schuler’s insightfully revised its Pub menu, tempting even the most discerning palates with its new flavors and selections. Whenever possible, ingredients are locally sourced and purchased providing fresh, high-quality food, that’s prepared daily. Guests can order from the Pub menu featuring time-honored fare like the popular Heritage Cheese Spread or explore the newer selections such as So Much More Than a Veggie Burger or the Middle Eastern Sampler. Offerings like Pub Potato Chips, delicately dressed in white truffle oil, provide the perfect complement to the California-inspired Eagle Street Fish Tacos. Those who prefer a more traditional meal are invited to order from the extensive Restaurant menu, while enjoying the refreshingly relaxed atmosphere of The Grille.

“We continually evaluate the way we do things and try to evolve when we see the need,” Damron explains. “We hope The Grille at Winston’s provides a comfortable place where families and friends can gather to catch up, celebrate and enjoy great food.”

Schuler’s continues to combine the very best of the past with the desires of its visitors today. Guests can still enjoy exquisite food prepared by the restaurant’s exceptional culinary team in the historic Centennial Room. Refined yet comfortable, the Centennial Room accommodates friends and families alike. Guests are treated to fresh artisanal breads made from scratch daily and Goat Cheese Bruschetta serves as one of many appetizing starters. Schuler’s Classic Roast Prime Rib of Beef, prepared in the traditional English manner, continues to be a favorite. Michigan-sourced Lake Superior Whitefish satiates those in search of lighter fare. All meals are prepared with the freshest locally-sourced produce.

Whether dining in The Grille at Winston’s Pub or the Centennial Room, Schuler’s promises guests will enjoy a dining experience second to none. For over 100 years, Schuler’s and their family of employees have provided customers with great food and exceptional service – an accomplishment that has not gone unrecognized.

In 2012, Hans Schuler was named “National Restaurateur of the Year” by Independent Restaurateur magazine, which recognizes an exemplary commitment to owning and operating a successful, independent restaurant. Schuler credits the longevity of the business not only to its commitment to quality food and hospitality, but also on the ability of its family of employees to recognize the need for change and their willingness to embrace it.

“We are always looking for something fresh, taking the best of the past and blending it with contemporary trends and tastes,” says Hans Schuler. “Change is exciting. It’s what keeps you moving forward. But we recognize the importance of preserving the experiences of the past. They are what keep tradition alive and they are just as important as the future.”

Founded in 1909, is an award-winning fourth generation restaurant business focused on quality food and exceptional hospitality. To learn more about Schuler’s, visit SchulersRestaurant.com.