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Pacific Rim Scallops

September 26, 2013

One hundred years after founder Albert Schuler first offered blue plate specials to Michigan travelers, Schuler’s Restaurant remains committed to quality, hospitality, and providing an experience that its guests—new and old—can depend upon.

Many of our return guests come to Schuler’s because of the traditional favorites on the menu, and rightly so. Throughout our history, our menus have evolved, and new items have been added to the mix of offerings for our guests. The restaurant is always looking for something fresh, taking the best of the past and looking towards the future.

As Win Schuler once noted, “We’re always looking for ways to increase the attractiveness of our plates.” Changing times, dining habits and dietary
considerations have also contributed to menu changes over the years, and Schuler’s has kept pace with the times. In addition to Schuler’s “signature dishes’, the menu has taken a lighter turn and now includes “heart-healthy” offerings and options to meet today’s lifestyle.

Small plates, in particular—such as the Pacific Rim Scallops—provide an opportunity for Schuler’s culinary team to showcase different flavors and
presentations, with mouth-watering results. The combination of a teriyaki wasabi, beurre blanc, mushroom, and sesame sauce with seared scallops and crisp asparagus gives our guests the best of both worlds.

Pacific Rim Scallops

With Terriyaki Wasabi sauce and beurre blanc

Canola Oil Blend 2 oz
Scallops 2 per person (as appetizer )
Chef salt 1 t
Teriyaki wasabi sauce(recipe follows) 1.5 t
Mushrooms, large, sliced ½ cup
Asparagus, fresh, whole 4 each serving
Beurre blanc (recipe follows) 2 t per serving
Green onion, bias cut 2 t
Black sesame seeds 1 t
White sesame seeds 1 t