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Wedding Reception 101: How to Select the Right Catering Service

June 18, 2018

Of course, guests are coming to your wedding to see you and your partner go down in the history books as the cutest couple ever, but they are also coming to enjoy a night out! Good food, great service, a lovely venue, and fun atmosphere are all part of the package deal. Standard wedding fare isn’t the standard anymore, and guests expect something special at receptions and celebrations alike. Booking the right caterer for your special day can be a tall order, and there are a few key things to consider before you send a single email. During your exploratory ventures into the world of wedding caterers, there are also some essential questions to ask anyone you talk to, ensuring the caterer you select is the right choice for you and your guests.

Identify your wedding reception budget and guest range in advance.

It’s important to approach caterers with some key information established ahead of time so you get the most accurate proposal back. They are going to want to know your tastes, budget, and, especially, a rough estimate of the number of guests you plan to invite. Answers like, “Oh, I like anything,” , “I’m not sure on a budget”, or “I think we’ll have between 100 and 300 people” aren’t going to help them define a menu that speaks to you with food options to fit within your budgetary parameters. It’s essentially a waste of time to speak with caterers unless you’ve done your homework. Hypothetical proposals aren’t very helpful after all.

Look around and always expect complete information.

Get multiple proposals from different catering companies so you can compare and contrast cost, service, and menu options. If you tell prospective caterers how many guests you plan to have attend, and the style of food you’re seeking, they should be able to outline the number of appetizers, courses, servers, bartenders, coordinators, and chefs needed for a seamless event. That’s their job!

Ask about linens and dinnerware.

Don’t forget to ask about the details. Find out if the caterer provides tables, chairs, chair covers, linens, glassware, and dinnerware. If they don’t, see if they partner with a company who does. Coordinating the necessary reception items like these through one company will save you a headache down the road!

Communication is key.  

As you interact with caterers, keep tabs on their communication style and formatting. If they are slow to respond, that could be a bad sign. If they get the details such as guest number, menu, and allergies wrong on the proposal and subsequent documents, that’s even worse.  As your wedding date nears, a quick response, accurate count, and, especially, attention to allergies will be incredibly important. Caterers are there to not only serve your guests, but you, too! Make sure they are making you a priority from the get-go.

Schuler’s stands apart. 

Schuler’s stands apart as not only a caterer but also a top-notch wedding venue location. It’s actually one of the few places in Marshall, MI, where you can find almost everything you need for a beautiful reception from start to finish! Catering, drink service, venue, decorations, wedding planner, linens, glassware – the list goes on.

If your sights are set on a different wedding destination, that’s no problem either. We can come to you. Schuler’s off-site catering service includes everything:

  • All food service (plated, buffet, roving dinner – you name it, we do it)
  • Beverage service (including wine, beer and liquor service)
  • Tent rental
  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens
  • Glassware
  • Servers, Bartenders, and Staff

And the best part? You can rely on just one point of contact for everything. Let us help you make your event truly a night to remember.

Let’s conclude with one final point. Don’t skimp on service. People often think that the most important part of a caterer is the food. Yes, food is important, but really, it doesn’t hold a candle to service. If you don’t have good service, if your food is cold because it wasn’t plated in a timely manner, if people have to wait 15 minutes for a drink, and everyone dines out of order, the rest doesn’t matter because that’s what people will remember.

Schuler’s prides itself on exceptional service and guarantees a wonderful experience for their customers every time, no matter where they are. On-site or at a destination of your choosing, Schuler’s is there for you!

For more information on everything our special event team can provide for your perfect reception, check out Schuler’s Wedding Spotlight.

Want to experience Schuler’s Wedding Reception spaces in person? Schedule your visit today! Simply call our staff at 269-781-0602, inquire online now.