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The Sky’s the Limit with Schuler’s Fly-In Program

August 23, 2019

How many Michigan restaurants do you know that provide complimentary shuttle transportation from the local airport? At Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub in historic Marshall, the sky is the limit when it comes to delivering the utmost in customer service.

The single-runway Brooks Field is located just 1.3 miles from Schuler’s, making it an easy jaunt for staff to offer round-trip transportation for guests coming into town from the air—whether that is for business or pleasure. And, with dozens of pilot and flyer clubs around Michigan, this type of personal attention makes Marshall an attractive destination for individuals and small groups throughout the year. In fact, the Brighton Airport even features Schuler’s on the top of its “Flying Somewhere” list.

“We pride ourselves on offering not only unique experiences here at Schuler’s, but we’re also dedicated to going above and beyond,” says Sue Damron, President and Managing Partner. “Catering to the flying community here in Michigan and those who are traveling to our region has become just one of the many programs that we’re excited to offer.”

In addition to providing ground transportation to and from Brooks Field, Schuler’s offers a frequent fly-in incentive which includes a $25 coupon toward the third meal.

Founded in 1909, Schuler’s is noted as one of Michigan’s most iconic restaurants. With 110 successful years in the industry, Schuler’s remains a hospitality leader not only in Michigan, but throughout the country. A more detailed history of Schuler’s can be found here.

NOTE: Monday, August 19 was the 80th Annual National Aviation Day (August 19). This national observation was first recognized and established in 1939 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who issued a proclamation which designated the date of Orville Wright’s birthday (August 19, 1871) to be National Aviation Day.