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Recipe Round-Up: Schuler’s Roasted Sweet Pecans

May 10, 2018

Have you ever tried Schuler’s house-made roasted sweet pecans? They are pretty amazing. Our pecans are dusted with sugar and cinnamon, then roasted to perfection. While they are great as stand-alone snacks any time of day, or a perfect salad topping, these pecans really shine when used as part of an appetizer. Here are a few appetizer recipes that stand out as seriously creative and delicious. Try them out!

Schuler's Roasted Sweet Pecans

French Quarter Pecan Cheese Spread

This appetizer is truly unique, mixing sweet and savory to the delight of your guests. A few of the ingredients include cream cheese, onion, garlic, brown sugar, Worcestershire, mustard, and of course, pecans! A seemingly odd mix, the result is absolutely delicious. Check out the complete recipe here.

Mini Pear Pecan Goat Cheese Appetizers

These yummy appetizers are quick, delicious, and healthy! You can’t go wrong when you put together pears, sweet pecans, goat cheese, sage, and honey, right? These appetizers are also a great make-ahead snack (even a couple days in advance of the social gathering). Here’s the recipe.

Cheddar Biscuits with Pecans

Martha Stewart did it again. Try this Southern hors-d’oeuvre at your next get-together, and much like the pear pecan appetizers, these too can be made in advance. These biscuits are home-made, and the pecans are pressed into the dough prior to baking, heating them up to sweet perfection. Here’s the recipe.

Cranberry Pecan Crostini Appetizers

Cranberries are traditionally part of holiday meals and special gatherings throughout the year. These small crostini snacks are a great pre-dinner dish or could even serve as a starter when paired with a light salad. Simply pair toasted Italian bread with Boursin Cheese, fresh herbs, roasted sweet pecans and cranberries. People will be asking for more! Get the recipe here.

Get Them in Our Retail Store or Online

These sweet roasted pecans are so simple, but so good, and are easy to pair with just about anything! Pick up a container anytime in the Schuler’s retail store, along with other delectable Michigan-made sweet treats and baked goods. We can’t wait to see you.