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Marshall’s Historical Roots Run Deep

August 21, 2018

Here at Schuler’s Restaurant, we wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the incredible architecture and history behind the lively City of Marshall, encouraging you to head outside and explore our awesome community while the weather is still mild and the sun is shining!

Marshall History

The Marshall Historical Society reports that Marshall was founded in 1830 by Sidney Ketchum and settlers from New York and New England. The town was named in honor of Chief Justice John Marshall and had early hopes of becoming the state capital. The Michigan Central Railroad arrived in 1844 increasing prosperity, and the town remained a rail center until the 1870s.

Our historical district (named a National Historical Landmark in 1991) is best known for its outstanding collection of intact nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture, especially for a small-scale American city. The MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) describes Marshall as a virtual encyclopedia of America’s most popular styles during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Italian Villa, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Beaux-Arts Classical and Art Deco.

Most houses are built of wood, but many are executed in brick or yellowish-brown Marshall sandstone quarried locally. The architectural intrigue behind Marshall’s homes are known throughout the Midwest and each September, the doors to many historic homes are opened for tours during the Annual Marshall Historic Home Tour.

This year’s home tour is happening Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th, and tickets are on sale now. There will be free shuttle busses both days and all participants have a chance to view eight private homes, seven museums, two commercial buildings, a Civil War encampment at Capitol Hill School, and more.

Schuler’s Historical Relevance in Marshall

Between 1830-1930 many of Marshall’s most revered historical buildings were constructed, including Schuler’s! It was in 1909 that founder, Albert Schuler, opened a cigar store/restaurant, purchasing a hotel in 1920 and eventually selling it to purchase the Royal Hotel and Restaurant in 1924 and renaming it Schuler’s Restaurant. Of course, our business has undergone a series of renovations and menu changes, always to better serve our customers, and has now become a living example of Marshall history at its finest. Check out a comprehensive timeline here.

We are honored to be a central part of the Marshall community that is always growing and changing, while remembering its vibrant past and preserving it. Whether it’s the Marshall Ice, Wine, Beer and Blues Festival, Candlelight Walk, Home Tour, Farmer’s Market, or any number of events happening throughout the year at The Franke Center, we love this community and hope you do, too!

Marshall residents, it’s time to shine your shoes and head outside to experience the joy of our city for yourself. Visitors, we welcome you with open arms!

Learn more about Marshall by visiting us online, or heading over to Choose Marshall for a list of all the awesome things happening right now. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out. We are all ears.