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  • Dining Room Hours

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    Fri to Sat: 11am - 10pm
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Let Schuler’s Deliver Boxed Lunches to Your Office

January 12, 2017

When you can’t get away from the office and it becomes necessary to work through lunch, refuel yourself with a delicious, freshly-prepared boxed lunch from Schuler’s Restaurant.

Sadly, the “lunch hour” is a thing of the past as less than one in five American office workers (fewer than 20 percent) reports taking an actual lunch break and 39 percent usually eat at their desks, according to a survey by the workplace consulting group Right Management.

“Never taking a break from very careful thought work actually reduces your ability to be creative,” says Kimberly Elsbach, a management professor at UC-Davis, who studies the psychology of the workplace (in an article published in 2014 by Fast Company). “It sort of exhausts your cognitive capacity and you’re not able to make the creative connections you can if your brain is more rested. If you’re skipping lunch to continue to push forward in a very intense cognitive capacity, then you’re probably not doing yourself any favors.”

Taking a lunch break—even for 15 to 20 minutes—is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day. A person’s nutrition, specifically glucose intake, decides productivity for the rest of the day. Not only does lunch refuel a person’s body but it provides an opportunity for one’s brain to recharge.

“Part of the reason lunch can boost your performance at work is that food literally fuels your brain, which needs a constant supply of energy to function optimally,” says Ellie Krieger, nutritionist and Food Network host of Healthy Appetite, in a 2015 article in the Washington Post. “So the worst thing you can do for your midday mental performance is to skip lunch; and the best thing you can do, it seems, is to eat one with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Don’t let your team suffer a mid-day melt down by skipping lunch. Whether you are looking to feed a group of four or forty, Schuler’s has you covered with its premium pre-ordered boxed lunches.

Each meal includes a choice of three sandwiches, a choice of two chef’s side salads, homemade potato chips, seasonal fruit and a cookie fresh from the Schuler’s bakery delivered in a high-quality disposable box complete with condiments and plastic utensils. Canned soda or bottled water can also be ordered, for an additional fee.

You can make arrangements to pick up your order at our downtown Marshall location or ask about the cost for us to deliver directly to you.

We ask orders be placed at least 24 hours in advance, or 48 hours for larger groups. However, you are invited to reach out with your last-minute requests to check on our availability to accommodate. Call (269) 781-0600 to place your order.