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Introducing Winston’s Pub New Olive Burger

March 23, 2018

Featuring Mr. Fables Fantastic Sauce 

Our new Winston’s Pub menu features a fabulous olive burger, and there’s a story behind the sauce. This story was told time and time again, and we’d like to share it with you!

The strangest burger invention never to venture outside Michigan state lines (but very popular within them) is the olive burger. Claims to the invention are varied depending on whom you ask. Some credit the Olympic Broil in Lansing with the creation of the first olive burger in the 1960s, but others say it was made much earlier at an original Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs location in Grand Rapids, MI. This later became the flagship burger of a local burger chain called Mr. Fables.

John Boyles, (the “les” in the Fables name) recalls that his father started putting olives on burgers in the 1930s when Mr. Fables was a Kewpee. The restaurant sold a burger called the Deluxe Sandwich that came with special mayonnaise and chopped olives, and everyone began calling it the olive burger.

While there are many different versions of the olive burger floating around the mitten state, many believe the best still came from Mr. Fables. At Mr. Fables, they didn’t make a mayo-olive sauce, they instead placed a special mayo on the bun, with chopped olives on the burger. When the olives aren’t pre-mixed with the sauce, the result is a very different (and tasty!) dish.

We kind of have a thing for traditions at Schuler’s (we think you know that), and we love that there is history behind one of our newest Pub menu options.

Schuler’s olive burger is a real Michigan original. Made with Mr. Fable’s sauce, lettuce, tomato, and french fries, you have to stop in and try it for yourself!

See what else is cooking on our new Pub menu, and enjoy these first days of spring and sunshine at Schuler’s.