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    115 S. Eagle Street
    Marshall, MI 49068

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Over 100 Years of Great Taste.

Schuler's Restaurant & Pub

Great food. FRESH DAILY.



Enjoy your choice of a simple, continental breakfast, breakfast buffet or plated breakfast for you and your guests. We will be sure to include juice and coffee for your group, as well.

Old Fashioned Continental Breakfast  10

Fresh baked caramel sticky buns, scones, yogurt and fruit display

Heritage Plated Breakfast  12

Scrambled eggs, hash browns, applewood smoked bacon, grilled house-made wheat toast and fresh fruit garnish, served with fresh baked caramel sticky buns and scones

Deluxe Breakfast Plated  13  Buffet  15
(minimum 20 guests)

Fresh fruit garnish, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, applewood smoked bacon, house-made cinnamon raisin French toast, served with Michigan maple syrup

Yogurt Bar  As breakfast 8  Add to Buffet 6
(minimum 20 guests)

Vanilla Greek yogurt, fresh berries, toasted granola, mini chocolate chips and spiced pecans

Oatmeal Bar As breakfast 8  Add to Buffet 6
(minimum 20 guests)

Steel cut oats, caramelized bananas, golden raisins, dark brown sugar, milk, cream and fresh berries

Smoked Salmon Platter  135

(serves 20)

Smoked Salmon, cucumber, black olives, red onion, hardboiled egg, capers, dill aioli, whipped cream cheese and assorted bagels

On the Run Breakfast Box  10

Fresh fruit, breakfast bar, nuts and bottled water (perfect to pick-up for morning meetings)

Fresh Fruit Platter  40
(serves 20 )
Assorted seasonal fresh fruit with yogurt mint sauce

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