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Wes Schroeder

November 5, 2019

A native of Reed City, Wes attended Kellogg Community College and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Tri-State University (Trine University) in Angola, Indiana.

He served a total of eight years as a “weekend warrior” for the Air Force and National Guard before being hired by the Federal Government for its Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, under the Defense Logistics Agency. He worked his way through the company, climbing the ladder and traveling extensively in Michigan and beyond (Florida, Georgia and New Mexico, among other places).

By 2000, Wes was Vice President of Continental United States for the company, with approximately 70 people reporting directly to him (and about 1500 indirectly). At that time, the agency went through a major downsizing and he took a buy-out to pursue new opportunities.

It was this change of career that pointed Wes down the road toward the hospitality industry. He served as a management consultant and opened a restaurant of his own called The Fourth of May Café (named in honor of his oldest child’s birthday) in Tekonsha, Michigan.

Wes started working as a host at Schuler’s in 2001, learning the ins and outs of the business from Hans Schuler himself. He worked as a server, bartender, Pub Supervisor, Dining Room Supervisor Pub Manager, Beverage Manager and finally Restaurant Manager (serving about 9.5 years overall).

From there, Wes went on to work 4.5 years as a General Manager for the Red Robin restaurant company, selected as one of the top 30 GMs in 2014 (out of 500 locations). He became a training GM, developing young managers into confident and successful leaders.

He returned to Schuler’s in the fall of 2015, to serve as Restaurant Manager.

Wes enjoys running, hiking, basketball (he also played in college), reading and working to inspire the staff at Schuler’s. He has three children: Miranda, Cody and Manistee.