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Rob Gillson

June 7, 2018

Rob Gillson works as Schuler’s Controller/Accounting Manager. Serving as our Accountant from 1995 till 2008, we are very excited to have him back in action behind the scenes, helping Schuler’s remain successful and growth-oriented.

Enjoying his career, he’s currently re-introducing himself to the restaurant business and acclimating to the general rules and operations from an accounting standpoint. When asked who he admires in life, Rob mentioned John E. Peterson, a person who overcame physical diversity (polio), and transformed himself spiritually, mentally and physically into a man and businessman many would admire. “He’s learned to live life in today’s increasingly chaotic world, while still exercising high morals, and not depending on the opinions of others,” says Rob.

When asked about Schuler’s, Rob is impressed with the restaurant’s prolonged life and core philosophies. “Despite being around for over 100 years, Schuler’s continues to change with the times and remains relevant and viable, I really respect that,” says Rob.

Outside of work, Rob is a Master Instructor holding the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in the Korean marital art of Hap Ki Do. He likes spending time with his wife and daughters; after growing up with one brother, he says, “raising girls is educational and always an adventure.”