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Marla Pontius

April 12, 2018

Marla Pontius has been working at Schuler’s as the restaurant’s Corporate Manager for just under a year and enjoys coming into the office every day.

Marla attended Argubright Business College, now known as Davenport College. As the Corporate Manager, Marla is instrumental to Schuler’s success day to day. She oversees all operations, job postings, website orders, and special orders. She coordinates IT for the entire restaurant (a big ask!) and is also involved in purchasing.

As a person whose expertise touches almost every facet of the restaurant, Marla believes that Schuler’s holds a special place in the hearts of its patrons and sees that at play first-hand. “I really enjoy watching people come back to Schuler’s for visits because they were proposed to here, they celebrate each anniversary here, or want to recognize any sort of milestone,” says Marla. “Clearly, wonderful memories are made at Schuler’s.”

At home, Marla is always greeted at the door by her dog, Lucy, and over the weekend likes to do projects around the house, find treasures at local resale shops, visit her mother on the east side of the state, or spend time with her children. She also plans to become skilled at stained glass in the near future, honoring her husband’s memory by using all his wonderful supplies and tools.

Though Marla has been part of our team for only a short time, she fit in immediately and we already consider her part of the family. Her work ethic and attention to the daily details is unmatched, helping Schuler’s continue its tradition of dining excellence and exceptional customer service.