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Joe Caron

October 7, 2017

Joe Caron has been with Schuler’s for over 10 years now and serves as the Restaurant Manager.

“Doing things the ‘Schuler Way’ has been a rich tradition that has helped the restaurant maintain its historical roots, but also adapt to the future,” Caron says about his favorite part of Schuler’s history.

As our Restaurant Manager, a typical day for Joe involves connecting with guests and managing the front of the house service team. “I make it a point to check in around the various areas of the restaurant with my team members and make sure that they’re in the loop on all of our upcoming events, along with our vision for providing guests with the best Schuler experience.”

Incredibly involved with various organizations within our Marshall community, Joe currently serves as Marshall’s Mayor, elected in 2018, and was a City Council member prior to that. Joe is also a member of the Marshall Rotary Club, as well as a core team member of Marshall’s Youngish Professionals Committee. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, hanging out with his dog Bernie, going to live concerts, traveling, and working on home improvement projects.

Every day he strives to look for greatness while remaining grateful, and that serves him well here at Schuler’s, where we evolve and adapt to the times. If you know Joe, you also know he places a significance on the importance of tradition, here and throughout the community.

“I feel it’s important to be a role model for a new generation of leadership in Marshall,” Joe says, and we’re lucky to have him with us to do just that.