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Famous Sayings

“From the pens of celebrated men, inscribed on the beams of The Centennial Room in Schuler’s Restaurant, a favorite and prominent dining spot for the entire Midwest.”

For those who’ve visited Schuler’s restaurants over the years, the distinctive quotes are conversation pieces that entertain guests while they eat.

The Schuler philosophy has always been to make the guest comfortable. Figuring that guests like to talk about quotes and comments from celebrities, and drawing upon his love of history and literature, Win Schuler came up with the idea of adding “Famous Sayings” to the wooden beams of the dining room when it was constructed after World War II. Inscribing quotes on the beams also provided a sense of nostalgia for diners. In some instances, instead of British history, contemporary sports figures became the source of the quotes.

And then, there was the occasional instance of taking an historical quote and “Schulerizing” it. “Give me a bowl of wine…” appears on the Centennial Room beams in Marshall, and is attributed to Earl Heenan, a Michigan native, war hero and patron of the restaurant for many years. When an English literature professor pointed out that the quote was actually from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, he was introduced to Earl, who Win tongue-in-cheek called “the modern Shakespeare.”

Famous Sayings