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    Daily: 11:30am - 8pm

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Over 100 Years of Great Taste.

Schuler's Restaurant & Pub

Great food. FRESH DAILY.


Over the years, we’ve had lots of questions, some more frequent than others. Here are some of the most common. Still, if you ever have a question, we invite you to contact us or call the restaurant directly at (269) 781-0600.

FAQ Sections

Hours & Operations FAQs

When are you open? Is Schuler’s open year-round?
We are open every day of the year except for Christmas Day.

Are you open for lunch?
Yes, we open at 11 am most every day and serve lunch until 4 pm. (Please call front desk to confirm – there are select days during the year when this is different)

How do I get Win Schuler Bar Scheeze?
The Win Schuler Bar Scheeze was sold to Vlassic Foods in 1984. The product can be purchased online from Bogarts Gifts.
We offer our Heritage Cheese Spread, which is served in the restaurant, for retail purchase in an 8- or 16-oz container. Just ask your server or inquire at the front desk.

Do you still reserve hotel rooms for overnight stay?
No, the hotel was closed in the 1970s. The second floor is where our business office is located, and there are some small conference rooms that can be rented for meetings.

Are reservations required?
Reservations are not required, although they are recommended when your party is more than four people, during the holidays, and on weekends. Request your reservation now.

Do you take reservations in the Pub?
We do not accept reservations in Winston’s Pub or the Patio – only in the dining room.  Please feel free to inquire if a large party can be taken as a dining room reservation and if the pub menu can be offered.  These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the day of week and time you are requesting.

When do you switch from lunch to dinner service?
On most days, this occurs at 4 pm; however, there are special days of the year when this differs, for example Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, days when brunch is served, etc.

Can you buy wine to take home? Unfinished bottles?
Yes, retail wine is available from Schuler’s wine list.  By Michigan law, unfinished bottles of wine can be re-corked and taken away by guests for home consumption.

Does Schuler’s cater?
Yes, we offer banquet and catering services. Our team can assist you in planning and executing almost any size event at home, in the restaurant, or at a place of your choosing. Visit our Banquets & Catering pages to learn more or call us now at (269) 781-0602.

When does Schuler’s offer “Monday Nights are Special” and “Prime Time” in the Pub? 
These popular annual promotions begin in January. Call or check our news & events page for upcoming events.

What is Schuler’s “e-club”?
By providing your email address and signing up for our “e-club,” you will receive email updates on various events, as well as special e-coupons to celebrate milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries.  You can sign up here or on our Facebook page.

When does the Patio open/close for the season? 
Weather permitting, the front patio (as well as the Signature Room Patio) is open from May through October.


Holiday & Special Event FAQs

Does Schuler’s still offer Sunday brunch?
Schuler’s offers traditional Sunday brunch during the holiday season (Sundays starting December 1 through December 29, 2019) and on selected other weekends (e.g., Mother’s Day, Easter).  Please call (269) 781-0600 for more information or view our events calendar.

Does Schuler’s offer gift certificates?
We have a gift cards available year-round.  During the holiday season, there is a special incentive/bonus for buying cards in certain amounts.  Call our front desk for more information at (269) 781-0600 or order online now.

Does Schuler’s still do “Turkey to Go” for Thanksgiving? 
Yes, and if you are hosting Thanksgiving at home, Schuler’s will prepare your complete holiday dinner, including a whole roasted turkey and all of the fixings, including a pumpkin pie for dessert.  The dinners are carefully boxed in attractive serving containers and are hot and ready to serve when you arrive at home.  Dinners are portioned for 6-9 people.  Call our front desk for current pricing, or view our events calendar (closer to the Thanksgiving holiday).

Will the carolers be back for the holidays?
In what has become a Schuler’s holiday tradition, various area choirs and singers gather in the festive Centennial Room on evenings in December to entertain guests while they dine.  All performances are at 7:00 p.m. and reservations are required.

When does Schuler’s decorate for Christmas?
Traditionally, Schuler’s holiday decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving and remain through New Year’s.  These decorations include a full-size crèche on the Signature Patio. The lobby and dining rooms take on the look of a classic winter and holiday wonderland, complementing Schuler’s richly paneled and warm year-round ambiance.


History FAQs

Is Schuler’s the same as  “Win Schuler’s”? 
After Win Schuler retired in 1982, his son Hans Schuler took over the operations of the restaurant, and the corporate name was changed to simply “Schuler’s.”  Many longtime guests still refer to it as Win Schuler’s, however.

What is the Signature Room?  The Signature Patio? 
The Signature Room itself is a unique space for a small to medium size event, seating approximately 50 persons comfortably, with an additional 15 or so seats now available on the patio.  Bring your guests past pictures of the four generations of the Schuler family (with their signatures, naturally), into the Dickens-themed Signature Room and outside to a beautiful new space that is also perfect for cocktail or grill events.

What awards has Schuler’s received? 
Over the years, Schuler’s has been awarded numerous awards and recognition, including:

  • Restaurant Business’ “Top 100 Award,” the first annual Ivy Award (an honor conveyed by colleagues and competitors in the food service industry),
  • Three-Diamond rating from AAA
  • 37 consecutive Travel Holiday Fine Dining Awards
  • Award of Dining Excellence from Distinguished Restaurants of North America
  • The restaurant is also a Michigan Centennial Business
  • In 2012, Hans Schuler was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by the prestigious Independent Restaurateur Magazine
  • In 2019, MLive ranked Schuler’s #3 on its list of “Michigan’s Most Iconic Restaurants.”

Can you buy the cheese spread at the restaurant?
The name, recipe, and rights to the original “Bar Scheeze” that Win Schuler popularized was sold to Campbell’s Soups in 1982 (and can still be found in some regional supermarkets).  You can find Bar Scheeze online with Bogart Gifts. The restaurant created a new, healthier concoction called “Heritage Cheese Spread,” which is served today in the dining room and is available for carry-out at the restaurant (along with our house-baked crackers).

Is there a Schuler’s cookbook?
In anticipation of our 100th anniversary, a special cookbook “Schuler’s: Fresh Recipes and Warm Memories” was produced.  The cookbook combined recipes from the restaurant and from Hans Schuler’s son, Chef Jon Schuler, with anecdotes and history of the restaurant.  Although still available in some bookstores, the cookbook has sold out and is not currently in print.  The latest Pure Michigan cookbook is available for sale at the restaurant, and it contains a page and recipe from Schuler’s.

How did the “Famous Sayings” on the beams originate?
The Schuler philosophy has always been to make you, our guest, comfortable.  Figuring that guests like to talk about quotes and comments from celebrities and drawing upon his love of history and literature, Win Schuler, a fan of English men of letters, came up with the idea of inscribing quotes on the wooden beams of the restaurant.  In some instances, instead of British history, contemporary sports figures became the source of the quotes.

When was the Centennial Room created? 
What started out as the livery stable for the old Royal Hotel is today the legendary Centennial Room in the Marshall restaurant.  In between, like the restaurant itself, the room underwent a transformation of function and appearance.  In the 1940s, a bowling alley had taken a front-and-center position on Eagle Street.  Ironically, a pinboy strike in 1946 led Win Schuler to conclude that the bowling alley was no longer a profitable venture, and he decided to replace the lanes with a dining room to meet the expanded customer demand.  Using lumber from the Northwoods and their own sawmill, Schuler’s worked around post-War building restrictions, and the Centennial Room took shape.  The new dining room featured murals of historic Marshall, hardwood beams, and, because of the configuration of the building, different floor levels.

What is the Signature Room?  The Signature Patio? 
The Signature Room itself is a unique space for a small to medium size event, seating approximately 50 persons comfortably, with an additional 15 or so seats now available on the patio.  Bring your guests past pictures of the four generations of the Schuler family (with their signatures, naturally), into the Dickens-themed Signature Room and outside to a beautiful new space that is also perfect for cocktail or grill events.


Recipes & Culinary FAQs

Are all of Schuler’s breads and crackers baked at the restaurant?
Schuler’s in-house bakery produces daily breads, crackers and other baked goods on the premises. Special order cakes, holiday baked goods, and desserts are also produced fresh in-house.

What is the weekly bread baking schedule? 
A bread schedule is available online and in the lobby of the restaurant.

How does Schuler’s prepare its Roast Prime Rib of Beef?  What is an “end cut”?
The Classic Roast Prime Rib of Beef, prepared in the English tradition, has been a staple of the Centennial Room’s menu for years, and Winston’s Pub features a Prime Rib sandwich on its menu as well.  Prime rib is a large roast that is difficult to prepare well, and most people don’t do it at home anymore. For its prime rib, Schuler’s selects the best possible meat.  Then we take care to age it properly, since aging provides natural tenderization.  We use special seasonings and slow-roast it in a specific type of oven to control the quality.  The “end cut” of the roast, which is popular with some guests, is available if the timing is right!